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Commercial Electricians, Suffolk

B. A. Boyle & Son are extremely proud to introduce the Suffolk region’s most efficient commercial electrician service. We are here to provide rigorous safety checks for businesses and commercial properties.

Local Commercial Electrician Service
TrustMark Approved Safety Certifications

As local businesses throughout Suffolk continue to grow and thrive, expectations for effective safety and security measures understandably increase along with them. At B. A. Boyle, we work hard to ensure that those expectations are both met and exceeded, especially when it comes to electrical maintenance, leaving you with a well-earned general certificate for safety that you can proudly display on the wall when we are finished!

Providing thorough safety checks, repairs and installations, we have a broad range of services for all kinds of business owners across the region. We ensure that our electricians work quickly and quietly behind the scenes so that your business’s operations are not disrupted too much while work is commencing. Furthermore, we can provide sustainable and budgetarily sensible solutions to your building’s long term maintenance needs.

The Commercial Electrical Services We Offer

Below is a list of commercial electrical repair, inspection and installation services on offer for local business owners.

CCTV Security Inspections

For any business owner, security is a constant source of anxiety. Those with publicly accessible properties to guard have double the stress, so maintenance of CCTV cameras and other electronic security systems is of paramount importance. Industrial electricians specialise in inspecting and repairing the unique security features of commercial buildings.

Alarm Inspections

Working alarm systems are also an absolute necessity for commercial properties. In the event of a fire emergency, smoke detectors need to be fully functional, as do burglar alarms in the event of security breaches.

General Electrical Testing and Maintenance

Commercial electricians are capable of performing thorough testing procedures and general maintenance for electrical systems throughout an estate, ensuring that all are functioning correctly and safely.

Solar Thermal Installation

Installation of sustainable energy generators like solar thermal panels is a great way to demonstrate your business’s commitment to reducing energy emissions and promoting environmental awareness. We at B. A. Boyle are experienced bastions of renewable energy and our team can fit the solar cell panels to any desired location for the most efficient gathering of solar energy.

Lighting Installation

Whether your property is in dire need of a lighting upgrade, you have a flickering neon sign or you simply have a burst bulb, make sure to call us today to arrange for cutting edge lighting installation and repair.

Cabling Installation

Our team members can lay down cabling for broadband and data transference throughout your commercial property. This service often comes part and parcel with standard rewiring procedures to make sure everything is correctly connected.

Our Process for Dealing with Commercial Electrical Checks

B. A. Boyle’s commercial electricians have the following process for most checks, installations and repairs:

Initial Consultation
The initial phone consultation will determine the most suitable electrical repair or installation package for you and we will discuss the best courses of action to take for the commercial electrician we will dispatch. We will discuss the ideal price ranges and timeframes for work to be carried out, based around your business schedule. Once that is done, we can arrange for an electrician to be dispatched at the agreed time.
Planning for Electrician to be Dispatched
Once the time, location and exact nature of the work have all been arranged, the assigned commercial electrician will have all the information they need to plan and schedule the work session for the day.
Electrician Quietly Works Behind the Scenes
Upon their express arrival, the electrician will make a quick assessment of the situation and get a firm grasp of the layout of the location, namely access points and wiring outlets.
We fully understand that you cannot always put your business on hold for every electrical repair or installation project, so our electricians are trained to work in a non-disruptive manner.
Wrap-Up and Closing Guidance
We all want to see your business grow and thrive, hopefully without any further electrical maintenance issues arising in the future. Our commercial specialists can discuss the optimal methods of upkeep for your business’s electrical systems.

Benefits of Booking an Industrial Electrician with B. A. Boyle & Son

Thanks to our employees’ experience and the pride we take in all areas of our work, we’ve quickly earned an impressive share of Trust Marks to guarantee the quality of our service. Our commercial electrical maintenance service is no exception.

Traditional Workmanship with Modern Equipment
With over 40 years of experience in the utility business, our team has swiftly adapted to the continuous evolutions in repair and maintenance technology while never losing sight of our proud dedication to quality workmanship and customer service.
Timely Service
Once you’ve booked a commercial electrician appointment with us, you know that they will arrive at the agreed-upon time without delay. Appointments can be easily scheduled within the same day as the initial telephone consultation or planned far in advance, all at your convenience.
Sustainable Solutions
We carefully plan out the most effective and sustainable solutions to your electrical issues that can also save on your energy expenditure. If agreeable, we can arrange to modernise your systems after surveying your property.
Health and Safety Guidance
Once the commissioned work is completed, we like to provide assurance that there will be a lower risk of electrical problems occurring in the future. This is especially important for commercial properties with plenty of foot traffic from people going in and out.

Licenced Commercial Electricians
Industrial Installation Services

When is a Commercial Electrician Contractor Required?

If you are unsure about whether you fit the requirements for a commercial electrician for your particular issues, see below for some guidelines that can help you decide if this package is most suitable for you.

Owner of a commercial property?

Essentially, commercial properties are buildings used exclusively for business or enterprising purposes. They can be either private or publicly accessible and can include shops, restaurants, warehouses, factories, surgeries, data centres, etc. Almost any building that is not classed as a domestic residential property is therefore under the purview of our commercial property specialists.

Encountering issues with electrical equipment in your commercial property?

Issues with security, cabling, lighting and more can arise in commercial properties – these are well within the purview of our commercial specialists. Make sure to contact this service if you are encountering these issues.

If these points align with your situation, please don’t hesitate to call

And that’s that! If you own a commercial property and have encountered an electrical issue that needs to be quickly rectified, get in contact with B. A. Boyle’s friendly customer service team to arrange a specialist electrician visit.

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Delivering Excellence And Building Client Relationships

B. A. Boyle and Son LTD based in Ipswich, Suffolk, is a family-run company with over 45 years worth of experience in home improvements and maintenance.

While a relatively recent venture in our company’s history, we are enthusiastic about electrical engineering and have recruited the very best and most experienced prodigies in the field at your disposal. Our aim is to continue to build loyal, lasting relationships with clients, who consistently rate their satisfaction with our services very highly.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation today to discover the excellent rates, outstanding quality of workmanship, and unrivalled expertise that earned our five-star rating.

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What can commercial electricians do?

Commercial electricians are trained to deal with a variety of electrical issues in corporate properties. They can repair, install and perform safety checks on a number of appliances, including CCTV cameras, light bulbs, security alarms, solar panels and broadband cables, among others. We detail the range of services commercial electricians can perform throughout this page.

How many commercial electricians are in the UK?

There are roughly 40,000 independent electrician businesses in the UK, though this number does not reflect the total number of individual electricians, which is certainly much higher. Commercial electricians are actually quite rare in the UK – relatively speaking, only a few have the full licenses to work on commercial properties, so we are very lucky to have some fully qualified industrial experts on our growing team. They are truly among B. A. Boyle's best USPs!

How often should commercial electrical installations be tested?

Per government guidelines brought into law by the various Electrical Safety Certificate Acts that have been gradually put into legislation in recent years, electrical installations must be tested and evaluated every five years, at least. An EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report will be written up by an experienced professional. Regular testing is absolutely essential for commercial properties due to their exposure to the public and to employees, whose safety should be prioritised at all times.

Where can commercial electricians work?

Licenced commercial electricians can perform repair and maintenance work in retail shops, offices, restaurants, pubs, factories, shipyards or any other area that can be classed as a commercial property. As for the more specific areas within these locations, you can find commercial electricians working in wiring outlets, ceilings, floorboards and more.

Who regulates commercial electricians in the UK?

Various government-approved organisations are capable of regulating and qualifying electricians for the workplace, most notably the NICEIC – National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors – the group that has approved most of our electrical professionals. Other syndicates that have authority throughout England and Wales are Blue Flame, NAPIT and ELECSA. Commercial electricians require additional qualifications and licencing to work on business properties.

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