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Domestic Electricians, Suffolk

For homeowners across the Suffolk region, B. A. Boyle & Son offer the finest domestic electrician service for residential dwellings.

NICEIC Approved Domestic Electrical Installers
Domestic Installation and Repairs

Home electrics can be volatile and cumbersome to deal with when they start to falter. While many proud homeowners can maintain other areas of their properties well enough, electronic issues are often the trickiest. There’s no need to panic, however, as the domestic electrician team at B. A. Boyle & Son are more than happy to help restore safety and functionality to your living space.

Operating in and around the Suffolk area, B. A. Boyle’s team members are famed for providing a consistently reliable service with a premium touch. We are truly passionate about electrical safety and have worked extremely hard to instil faith in both our customers and TrustMark approvers that we are the best men for the job.

Landlord Cover

We offer electrical maintenance cover for domestic property landlords and individual tenants alike. If you let out one property or more and your tenants report an electrical hazard, we will provide regular servicing to amend any issue within the residence.

Fusebox and Fuseboard Repairs

There are few things more irritating than a full household power outage caused by faulty fuse board installation. They can be tripped by any daily appliances, from toasters to washing machines. When outages become a persistent problem, call for a professional domestic electrician right away – we can repair or replace damaged fuse boxes.

Solar Thermal Panel Installation and Repairs

If you’re as passionate about investing in sustainable energy sources as we are, solar panels are always worth consideration. Our technicians have plenty of experience in handling solar panels and can offer to repair faulty ones if need be.

Lighting Installation and Repairs

From fresh installations to repairs of shattered bulbs, our electricians are all-round lighting experts. Lighting problems tend to be among the quickest and easiest to fix, though some customers may have more complex issues – we are more than willing to rise to the challenge if so.

EV Charger Installation and Repairs

Owners of modern electrically-powered vehicles can have sparkling new EV charging ports fitted in their homes. With universal sockets and cabling included, these EV chargers provide easily accessible power for your electric car.

Water Heater Repairs

Some electric water heaters can degrade over time, leaving them in a significantly less reliable state than when they were first installed. It’s important to keep your water heater in full working condition.

Our Process for Dealing with Domestic Electrical Checks

B. A. Boyle’s domestic electricians have the following process for most checks, installations and repairs:

Initial Consultation
The initial phone consultation will ascertain the most suitable electrical repair or installation package for you. We will discuss the ideal price ranges and timeframes for work to be carried out based on your personal schedule and preferences. Once we have all agreed on the best course of action, we can arrange for an electrician to be dispatched at the agreed time.
Planning for Electrician to be Dispatched
Once the time, location and exact nature of the work have all been arranged, the assigned domestic electrician will have all the information they need to plan and schedule the work session for the day.
Electrician Begins Work
Upon their express arrival, the electrician will make a quick assessment of the situation and get a firm grasp of the layout of the location, namely access points and wiring outlets. With equipment laid out and ready to go, the work can begin straight away. Feel free to provide the domestic electrician with plenty of open space to work and clear thoroughfares, as well as a regular supply of hot sweet tea.
Wrap-Up and Closing Guidance
In what will feel like no time at all, the electrician will have resolved the issues and their work will be done! Before they leave, you will have an opportunity to discuss the future of your property’s electrical maintenance, with tips and advice on how to ensure that your systems have long and healthy lives.

Benefits of Booking a Local Domestic Electrician with B. A. Boyle & Son

Thanks to our employees’ experience and the pride we take in all areas of our work, we’ve quickly earned an impressive share of trust marks to guarantee the quality of our service. Our domestic electrical maintenance service is no exception.

Traditional Workmanship with Modern Equipment
With over 40 years of experience in the utility business, our team has swiftly adapted to the continuous evolutions in repair and maintenance technology while never losing sight of our proud dedication to quality workmanship and customer service.
Sustainable Solutions
We carefully plan out the most effective and sustainable solutions to your electrical issues that can also save on your energy expenditure. If agreeable, we can arrange to modernise your systems after surveying your property.
Health and Safety Guidance
Once the commissioned work is completed, we like to provide assurance that there will be a lower risk of electrical problems occurring in the future.
Timely Service
Once you’ve booked a domestic electrician appointment with us, you know that they will arrive at the agreed-upon time without delay. Appointments can be easily scheduled within the same day as the initial telephone consultation or planned far in advance, all at your convenience.

Domestic Electricians
Home Installation and Repair

When is a Domestic Electrical Contractor Required?

Domestic electrical contractors will be required to solve electrical problems in residential areas – houses, bungalows, flats, dormitories, temporary accommodations, etc. – rather than public spaces or commercial properties. If own one of the following domestic property types…

  1. Detached house
  2. Semi-detached house
  3. Terraced house
  4. Bungalow
  5. Flat
  6. Student accommodation
  7. Maisonette
  8. Shelter

… and you are encountering routine issues with electrical equipment in your home, a domestic electric is perfect for you.

Residential properties tend to encounter issues with wiring, heating systems, lights, solar panels and more. We can dispatch an experienced domestic property electrician to handle issues that arise in homely setting. If all these points align with your current situation and you own a domestic dwelling and have encountered an electrical issue that needs to be quickly rectified, get in contact with B. A. Boyle’s friendly customer service team to arrange a specialist electrician visit.

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Delivering Excellence And Building Client Relationships

B. A. Boyle and Son LTD based in Ipswich, Suffolk, is a family-run company with over 45 years worth of experience in home improvements and maintenance.

While a relatively recent venture in our company’s history, we are enthusiastic about electrical engineering and have recruited the very best and most experienced prodigies in the field at your disposal. Our aim is to continue to build loyal, lasting relationships with clients, who consistently rate their satisfaction with our services very highly.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation today to discover the excellent rates, outstanding quality of workmanship, and unrivalled expertise that earned our five-star rating.

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Ensure the safety and stability of your residential property by making direct contact with our on-call domestic dwelling electricians.

Domestic Electrician


What does ‘domestic’ mean in this context?

The word ‘domestic’ describes all things related to settled home life. As such, domestic electricians are trained and well-suited to dealing with electrical problems in residential settings, by trade. This title contrasts with commercial electricians, who are better suited to dealing with problems in properties used for business purposes.

Can domestic electricians do rewiring?

Yes, rewiring is a staple of all competent electricians’ repertoires. Domestic electricians are especially experienced in this since many residential jobs involve the mending of wiring in one way or another.

How often should domestic electrical installations be tested?

Domestic electrical installations ought to be tested on a regular basis. Annual routine inspections can be a good place to start, though if the initial installation is competently done, you can thankfully have larger grace periods of up to five years, after which an Electrical Installation Condition Report has to be completed on your property.

How can I become a domestic electrician?

It’s never too late to pick up a new skill or trade. Becoming an electrician is no easy feat, but it is an extremely respectable and lucrative field if you have the drive and commitment to pursue it. If you have ambitions of becoming an electrician, try applying for apprenticeships or higher-learning courses and get some valuable experience. Who knows? If you’re successful, maybe you’ll end up joining our ever-expanding team…

How often should domestic wiring be replaced?

Domestic wiring is usually built to last, though if you live in an older property that has not had its wiring updated in more than 25 years or so, it will be time to get the wiring checked, tested and likely replaced since they will have certainly degraded by that point. The wiring in older properties may also be inadequate by modern safety standards.

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