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Emergency Electricians, Suffolk

Have an electrical emergency that needs to be solved ASAP? B. A. Boyle and Son are on hand to deliver the fastest, most efficient emergency electrician service in the Ipswich, Suffolk region.

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When there is a major electrical fault in your home or property, it’s vital to get a competent professional electrician to the scene in the shortest time frame possible. Available are confident that our team can fix or amend any given electrical problem. Even in more urgent situations, we aim to deliver friendly and dependable customer service.

Our experienced electrical technicians use some cutting edge equipment such as voltmeters for our repair and maintenance operations, as well as the faithful old tools that still prove useful for almost any situation.

The Emergency Electrical Repair Services We Offer

The following emergency electrician services are gladly offered by B. A. Boyle, all of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our technicians can inspect the internal wiring throughout your property and set about fixing any loose or malfunctioning segments that could be wreaking havoc with the rest of the system. Calling a professional emergency electrician is essential for safely sorting out internal wiring problems.


B. A. Boyle & Son workers always come prepared with a wide assortment of replacement parts, ready to be installed at a moment’s notice. If you have broken switches, fuses or wiring, you can make an order for replacements to be fitted after removing the malfunctioning originals.

Safety Testing

Emergency electricians are capable of performing thorough testing procedures and general maintenance for electrical systems throughout an estate, ensuring that all are functioning correctly and safely.

Tripped Circuit Repairs

Some common issues that require urgent professional attention are related to tripped circuit breakers. Circuit breakers constantly tripping is usually a clear sign that there are more systemic issues with your property’s circuitry, possibly leading to increasingly serious problems like burned wiring and short-circuiting. Overloading the electrical supply will usually cause the circuit breaker to detect an error and immediately shut down. Our technician can assess potential causes for these errors and advice on amendments that can be made.

Water Heater Repairs

Owners of modern electrically-powered vehicles can have sparkling new EV charging ports fitted in their homes. With universal sockets and cabling included, these EV chargers provide easily accessible power for your electric car.

Fusebox and Fuseboard Repairs

We’ve all been there – you’re in the process of using an everyday appliance like a toaster or vacuum cleaner, only for your entire home to suddenly lose power due to a blown fuse. If you have a faulty fuse box in need of urgent repair, give us a call today – we will never leave our customers short-fused.

Our Process for Dealing with Emergency Electrical Repairs

B. A. Boyle’s emergency electricians have the following process for most installation or repair jobs:

Initial Consultation
Once you make your call to us, you will immediately be put through to one of our customer service call handlers. After a very quick consultation to ascertain your details, location and a lowdown of the situation, we will arrange for one of our professional electricians to make their way to your property in a short timeframe, ideally within 45 minutes.
Electrician Dispatched Within 30-45 Minutes
Once the message is relayed, our electrician will waste no time in setting off to your coordinates. We make sure that our vans are pre-loaded so that our electricians can get on the road straight away, without wasting any precious time.
Electrician Begins Work
Upon their express arrival, the electrician will make a quick assessment of the situation and get a firm grasp of the layout of the location, namely access points and wiring outlets. Next, the electrician will begin working on resolving the fault. None of our team members are strangers to elbow grease, so expect an amazing job completed in record time.
Wrap-Up and Closing Guidance
In what will feel like no time at all, the electrician will have resolved the issues and their work will be done! Before they leave, you will have an opportunity to discuss the future of your property’s electrical maintenance, with tips and advice on how to ensure that your systems have long and healthy lives.

Benefits of Booking an Urgent Electrician with B. A. Boyle & Son

In the event of an electrical emergency, you need a company that can be relied upon to provide a fast and efficient service. B. A. Boyle’s many loyal and satisfied customers can attest that we can certainly deliver on our promises and surpass expectations.

Traditional Workmanship with Modern Equipment
With over 40 years of experience in the utility business, our team has swiftly adapted to the continuous evolutions in repair and maintenance technology while never losing sight of our proud dedication to quality workmanship and customer service.
Sustainable Solutions
We carefully plan out the most effective and sustainable solutions to your electrical issues that can also save on your energy expenditure. If agreeable, we can arrange to modernise your systems after surveying your property.
Health and Safety Guidance
Once the commissioned work is completed, we like to provide assurance that there will be a lower risk of electrical problems occurring in the future.
Lightning Fast Service
With our call handler team available 24/7 and ready to dispatch emergency electricians at any time of day or night, B. A. Boyle guarantees a swift service delivery.

Emergency Electricians
Urgent Repair Services

What to do if you’re in need of Emergency Electrical Repairs

There are some safety steps you can take if you have recently encountered a concerning electrical issue that is annoyingly disruptive to your day-to-day activities.

  1. Don’t Panic
  2. Call our emergency electrician service
  3. Clear the area

Most electrical faults can be easily remedied if the correct actions are taken in due course. Leave it to a professional to fix a severe electrical issue instead of attempting to fix it yourself. Most electrical faults are not worth panicking over.

Don’t hesitate to call our emergency electrician service immediately before the problem gets out of hand. Try to make sure that you’ve conveyed as much information to the electrician as you have been able to gather before they begin working.

Ensure that all people and pets are evacuated from the location surrounding the incident and, if possible, please clear the way of all access and exit points so that the electrician can get to work as soon as they arrive.

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Delivering Excellence And Building Client Relationships

B. A. Boyle and Son LTD based in Ipswich, Suffolk, is a family-run company with over 45 years worth of experience in home improvements and maintenance.

While a relatively recent venture in our company’s history, we are enthusiastic about electrical engineering and have recruited the very best and most experienced prodigies in the field at your disposal. Our aim is to continue to build loyal, lasting relationships with clients, who consistently rate their satisfaction with our services very highly.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation today to discover the excellent rates, outstanding quality of workmanship, and unrivalled expertise that earned our five-star rating.

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How long will emergency electrical repairs last?

The length of time for an emergency electrical issue to be repaired can vary dramatically, depending on the scale and severity of the problem, but we always aim to finish the job as fast as possible, without cutting corners. The ideal timeframe for completion would be within a day, but again, some jobs may require additional attention.

Should I call an emergency electrician regularly?

If you are experiencing what you would deem to be urgent electrical problems on a regular basis, there may be more serious systemic issues at play within your property. While we are always happy to help with whatever issues you may have, it may also be worth contacting your local authority to provide a legal assessment of the safety of the property. Of course, if you are not constantly experiencing electrical emergencies, there will thankfully be no need to call for our emergency electricians regularly!

What constitutes an electrical emergency?

There is no objective measurement for what constitutes an electrical emergency, but it costs nothing to call and ask our friendly support team if you have any queries. As a general rule of thumb, if you encounter an electrical fault and it feels like an emergency, chances are it is – in other words, you’ll know it when you see it. Calls worthy of an emergency response can include damaged electric boilers, blown fuses, potential fire hazards, and more.

When should I call a professional emergency electrician in to help?

If you encounter an urgent electrical issue, it’s best to get in contact with our service immediately, or as soon as it becomes convenient. This ensures that the issue will be resolved in the shortest amount of time.

Can emergency electricians work in domestic and commercial properties?

All of our electricians are allowed to work on electrical emergencies in domestic properties, but only some are licenced to work on commercial property emergencies. However, we never cross our wires (both figuratively and literally) – if there is an emergency in a commercial property, we will only send the appropriately licenced employees to the scene.

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